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For more than 10 years, Argenteus Ltd has been producing highly individual pieces for its silver vault showroom as well as fulfilling bespoke commissions from its unique designs. Only when each creation is given its final polish and finished to complete satisfaction does it receive the Argenteus Ltd silversmiths stamp and hallmark (from either the City of London or Sheffield Assay office), identifying it as a work to treasure and appreciate for years to come. Items are made in either 925 Sterling Silver or 958 Britannia Silver and are hallmarked accordingly.

From small items such as silver money clips, place card holders and faithful replicas of the first English silver fork (the original, dated 1632, is now in possession of the Victoria and Albert Museum) to the monumental, including the world’s largest spoon made from silver.

Dining Table Items

Argenteus Ltd specialise in a vast selection of dining table items from chased and pierced vine silver-gilt flatware to hand-hammered silver beakers. (click on photo 1)

We were recently commissioned to design and create twenty-five pairs of silver gilt salt cellars, which the client required to be a particularly heavy gauge of silver and gold plate in order to match their original George II pair. (click on photo 2).

Giant-size Silver Spoons

For many years Argenteus Ltd have made by hand, giant size silver basting spoons measuring 29 in. (53.5 cm.) long. These exquisite objects exemplify how a seemingly mundane object can become the spectacular. (click on photos 3 and 4).

In 2002 we made the largest silver spoon in the world, which has since been recorded in the Guinness World Records.

The spoon, known as ‘The Great Basting Spoon of 2002’ was made to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Made of Britannia standard silver and fully hallmarked with the Argenteus Ltd London mark for 2002 measuring 51.75 in. (131.45 cm.) long and with a weight of 116.7 oz. (click on photo 5).

The previous largest silver spoon was made by Henry Atkins of Sheffield for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897, measuring 50.5 in. (128.27 cm.) long and with a weight of 93 oz. It was specifically manufactured and used for the basting of Ox, which was roasted whole in the Market Square, Salisbury, June 22 1897 and records show that over 4,000 people basted the Ox with this spoon!

Silver Cups, Trophies and Models

Over the years we have supplied silverware to many organizations (both private and public) including Buckingham Palace, City Guilds and Livery Companies, Colleges and Universities including Oriel College (The University of Oxford), as well as Financial Institutions.

In 2007, we supplied an antique silver Loving Cup to the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. This was to be an important presentation to the Guild in memory of Sir Arthur Marshall OBE DL, who was one of Britain’s aviation pioneers. In addition to supplying the cup we were required to engrave an inscription, which included a scaled replica engraving of Sir Arthur’s first aircraft, a 1928 De Havilland Gipsy Moth. After thoroughly researching the history of the plane, our engravers were able to inscribe the correct registration number on the side of the aircraft. This cup is now in the custody of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, and is on display there. (click on photo 6)

In 2009 we were commissioned to construct and produce a series of silver polo players from the original design concepts to the final hallmarking at the City of London Assay Office. The client was very specific about the type of polo costume to be used and required the figures to stand on silver plinths as opposed to the traditional use of wood. Following our initial drawings and consultations, we produced a prototype model in silver plate in order for the client to get a good idea of the size and detail of the final model. (click on photos 7 and 8).


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