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Carving Trolleys and Dessert Trolleys

Illustrated are a small selection of trolleys from our stock.


For more than 20 years Argenteus Ltd has been supplying vintage silver-plated carving trolleys to hotels, restaurants and private homes throughout the world.

Michael Feldman is passionate about these magnificent pieces that add a touch of elegance to any dining room. "The superb quality of craftsmanship, particularly the hand-made revolving domed covers, the fact that they are extremely functional and make a spectacular piece of moveable furniture, ensure that these trolleys are the ultimate dining room accessory."

"There is undoubtedly a renaissance taking place in the way the dining room is presented. From early to mid - 20th century, the trolley was always top of the list, taking pride of place at the entrance to any dining room so guests could view it upon arrival. Now that bit of old indulgence and old-school celebrity has regained popularity in twenty-first century dining rooms, and the trolley epitomizes that style of dining room theatre."


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